Dr. James Gilligan on crime, revenge, and punishment, from this video.

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Klari Reis

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I’m a big fan of multiculturalism.


3D Fractals

Last week I met Tom Beddard, a physicist turned web developer turned artist (and friendly guy). He creates fractals — those recursive shapes that infinitely repeat at every scale. They’re based on simple math, but they can create some amazing images.

Says Beddard: “I don’t seek any new mathematical insight into the resulting structures, it’s a purely aesthetic pursuit to scratch a creative itch. Part of the fascination with fractal exploration is when … amazing and completely unexpected structures can pop out and surprise you.”

Some of the fractals look like Gothic architecture. Some of them look like alien seed pods. All of them are mesmerizing. You can see lots more on Beddard’s flickr page. You can actually fly through the fractals and see them morphing in these videos. And now, thanks to a new app called Frax that Beddard helped develop, you can make fractals of your very own.


Betsy Dadd, Empty Pool II, 2009. Monoprint, 29.5 x 39.5 cm.


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Anton Henning (German, b. 1964), Interior No. 83, 2001. Oil on canvas, 126 x 157 cm.

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I met the Pacific Ocean and we got along just fine. 


Ellsworth Kelly: Plant Drawings (1960-91) | Sweet Pea

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I’m sure a lot of you have seen articles going around talking about a new nail polish developed by four young men called “Undercover Colors” that is designed to change colors when put into drinks containing drugs that are commonly used by perpetrators to facilitate sexual…


strictly nature

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